Fake Currency Conversion Software Alert

Fake Currency Conversion Software Alert

We have received word that there is a fake currency conversion software which is being promoted these days by affiliate networks. Victims entering their details are redirected to a phony trading app named “Immediate Edge” where they are instructed to invest at least £250 with an offshore CFD broker.

This broker has nothing to do with any type of legitimate currency exchanges and according to our information customers end up losing their initial investment and in many cases much more than that.

This software is being promoted on social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn, as well as via pop-up advertisements which claim to offer currency exchange at extremely attractive rates.

Whenever choosing a reputable currency or cryptocurrency exchange app, we encourage you to conduct proper research as this will surely help you avert potential scams.

The article we found was very clear and explained how the scam works. You can read about it just like we did here:

Interestingly enough, we found many websites that are actually endorsing this software but at the end of the day the FCA warning is what clinched the deal for US!

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